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Lindsey's Country Store and Sweet Shoppe opened our doors at 1537 Route 9 in Clifton Park in 1988 and have been active in working with our community since day one.  We love celebrating with our Clifton Park neighbors!  Since that time, we have helped many school, college, church and special group civic organizations reach their financial goals by selling our pies, our Signature Muffins, award winning apple cider donuts and Homemade Fudge!

Our program works well for both small and large groups.  You determine the product you'd like to offer and we work with you to make it happen.  It's fun, delicious...and easy!

If you are looking for a fresh idea for raising money for your organization, call and speak to our fundraising manager.  

Lindsey's Fresh Frozen Pies  
We make the pies in our own kitchen and then flash-freeze them.  Then we wrap and label each pie with baking instructions.  You would take orders and deliver to your local family and friends.  They will love baking their own pies that fill their home with the fresh aroma of a fresh baked pie!  And think how easy it will be during the busy holiday season, and how wonderful their home will smell as the pies are baking.  Mmmmm!  Homebaked fresh!! 

Lindsey's Muffins
A favorite for generations, our unique recipes of muffins will make your fundraising delicious!  Choose up to nine muffins from our expansive list, then we'll make and bake each one for your order.  We will wrap and label them for easy identification and provide the boxes for your team to fill each order.

Lindsey's Homemade Fudge
Who doesn't love creamy, homemade fudge?  Packaged in half pound containers, these treats are easy to sell and distribute.  Choose up to five different flavors from an array of options.  Each half-pound of fudge is packaged in a crystalline container with individual plastic knives included.  Great for everyday enjoyment or gift giving!  

Lindsey's Apple Cider Donuts
Bursting with the taste of Autumn and sold by the dozen, our award-winning apple cider donuts are simply the best in the area!  Each dozen is packed in boxes ready for your delivery.

Please speak with our Fundraising Manager with any questions and to schedule as soon as possible.  Our calendar fills quickly!  


We love working with the community and look forward to helping your organization succeed! 

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