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"I've always loved coming to your store...and now there's even more reason to come!"

"Every time I come into the store, I feel like family."

"BEST muffins anywhere!" ~Elaine

"I sent an apple box to my son in Las Vegas. He received them when you predicted and said the apples were in great shape... no blemishes... no bruising. They were very well packed and the apples were marked with information on each kind. He absolutely loved them! Thank you Lindsey's, you've made us very happy!" ~Elaine

"A BIG THANK YOU!! We can't thank you enough for the incredible apples you sent to us! My family have eaten through almost the entire box. They are the best apples we have ever had before. On behalf of the entire family here in Florida, we thank you!"
~Christopher & Family

"Visit their orchards -- great apples and nice and quiet for those of you who, like me, don't like crowds and a bunch of screaming uncontrolled children running around." ~Debra

"I come from Gloversville. Nowhere else compares to your cider and donuts!" ~Marylou

Regarding the pronunciation of Pecan Pie: "...I'll just call it 'yummy'!" ~Andrew

"Anytime I come over 'The Twins', I have to stop and get my donuts. They are the absolute. best. ever!" ~Jim

"I love your donuts! They are THE VERY BEST in the area. I drove from Altamont just to get yours."

"Your cider is the absolute best. I'm glad to get it all year around." ~Ray

"I just love coming into the store... it smells so amazing! Can you bottle it?" LOL

"You are so helpful every time I come in."

"I split a raspberry muffin with 'Mr. B' and it is DELICIOUS! Someone at Lindsey's isn't just making these muffins, they are lovingly 'raising' them like babies. This is the best dang muffin I've ever eaten. I'm going to have to seek out someone to split one of the donuts as when I opened the box, all I could smell was delightful apple. I'll never be the same now." ~Kris

"Favorite place to get baked goods such as muffins, cookies and apple cider donuts!" ~Stacey

"I love sending your baskets because they are so much better than sending flowers."

"Your muffins are sooo delicious! Can I have the recipe?"
*Lindsey's note: Thanks for enjoying our muffins, but sorry, our muffin recipe is a secret. ;-)

We love hearing from you! Thanks for letting us know how we are doing. We enjoy making and baking for you and hope that you do feel just like family!

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